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Brand new Dyson Airwrap not working and both lights are flashing!

  • 30 December 2023
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Hello, I received my new Dyson air wrap for Christmas, literally 2 days ago. I opened it the day of Christmas, the next morning I turned it on and tried curling a few hair pieces (my hair was dry and free of product). Then today, 3 days later I have an event to go to so I decided to use my Dyson to style my hair. So after I washed my hair I go to turn on my brand new Dyson and it takes a min to turn on then it blows air for 2 secs and cuts out. Then the red light starts flashing, or the white light starts flashing. I’ve been seeing both lights flashing. I took out the filter cap and cleaned it, also cleaned the filter with the brush. But it’s brand new and unused so the filter is already squeaky clean. I’ve also tried it at different outlets across the house and same thing. Does anyone know what’s going on ? 


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@dina1791  It’s not quite clear, usually that indicates overheating from a clogged filter, but since it’s new, that wouldn’t align. Please contact support.

Yes thank you! I have contacted support, and they will be exchanging it due to it being a faulty machine :/ just had bad luck I guess, received a problematic product. But support was really helpful and immediately offered to exchange and offer a free add on attachment:)


I had exactly the same issue with the airwrap Hs05 which I purchased a few days ago in Cyprus. Unfortunately the local Dyson distributor does not accept to exchange the faulty product with a new one, but has just offered to replace the main body with another one of different colors!

is this some that Dyson advises for a brand new product used only twice?!?!