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Worst customer service ever, never buying from Dyson again

  • 8 June 2023
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I am just baffled by the level of utter inefficiency and incompetence at Dyson. Where to begin: beginning of May I called about my hair dryer that stopped working (not even been a year), and they kindly offered to replace it. I send it via UPS with the label provided, and dont hear back for weeks. I called again, and finally was given tracking info for the replacement unit, only to find out several days later that it went back to the sender as sender requested it. ?????? I called and was told to wait 24 hrs, called again after a few days of nothing and was told another 24, and so on. The email service is just useless garbage, just wasted my time on it. I was just on the phone again (they told me I had called 9 times within this month) and was told to wait 8-10 business days. 2 months without resolution. Unbelievable. I am telling everyone I know not to buy from Dyson. 


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9 replies

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That sounds terrible. Have you been able to use the chat service? I find that it’s usually easier and faster to get ahold of someone that way. 

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Horrible service. Far removed that they offered in the past. I don’t bother with their call centres, I go directly onto WhatsApp. The conversations are recorded, I have written proof that is connected to my account. I’ve even has one of the management staff message me directly to discuss an on-going (now resolved) delivery problem.

Hello @kimjsjean 

Thanks for reaching out. It's always nice to see our members engaging. I thought I'd just step in and add to the information given. 

We can surely have a look into this for you.

For ease, please get in touch via our WhatsApp channel and one of our team will be happy to discuss the next steps. To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and select ‘Start a WhatsApp conversation’. 

Happily, we will be able to assist you. 


Must say I have to agree that Dyson customer service has deteriorated.the products are not so well made either. There are other more reliable brands out there now days. Dyson shall not get any more money out of me. I feel mugged off!

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Worthless advice, to try Whatsapp. I was told to “call our support centre” haha. “we will happily assist you” ?????????????????? 

I think the plan is to make customers just go crazy and give up. I wonder what kind of future such company has operating this way. 


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How many folks have had issues with head on the V15? The standard head for carpets not the laser head for wood floor. I bought a new V15 with all accessories directly from Dyson right before Christmas so my machine isn’t quite 6 months old yet. Well two round parts on the head used to make the machine roll easier both fell off and could not be reattached because everything is made of cheap plastic. I just got off with Dyson warranty and they don’t have a replacement in stock and have no idea when they will. So their top of the like cordless V15 that I paid $700 for is now a useless piece of junk that I can’t use. I’m really upset and I’m going to tell everyone I know what poor support Dyson provides for their products. I’m going to post on Facebook, Nextdoor, and maybe even on my local Fox TV station as their sports anchor is a friend of mine. I’m recently retired from an executive position with a Fortune 500 company after 39 years so I have plenty of time to state my dissatisfaction with Dyson.

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Hi @marty kinnee

Thanks for leaving a reply. 

We're sorry you've had difficulty trying to order a replacement cleaner head for your Dyson. Like many technology industry retailers, a shortage of resources and materials, manufacturing control orders and inflation have impacted our business and production on a global scale. We’re proactively looking into alternative solutions as the situation evolves, but in the shorter term this means that some spare parts may be available in limited quantities. It's best to sign up on our website to be notified when stock is available.

As you’ve already been in contact with our customer service experts, we’d usually encourage you to continue your conversation with them. They’re able to access your account, review past correspondence and investigate any issues on your behalf - these issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can help you with. 

I’d however like one of our local team to review your account and contact you with an update. I’ve dropped you a DM asking for further information. Once I received a reply, I will be able to share this with the local market team. 



Dyson doesn't do customer service. My V10 stopped working correctly within a few days of purchase  Now, 5 months and endless phone calls and emails later, I still don't have the vacuum cleaner I paid for. Even though the fault was one that Dyson was fully aware of, it was still impossible to get a response or meaningful action. The machine has been sent to the service centers (Sydney and Melbourne) and returned with the original fault. I am promised a replacement machine, but so far this promised had not been kept.

SAME -- my hair dryer AND straightener both stopped and after much time on the phone, on chat, etc there was ‘nothing they can do’ and batteries ‘cant be replaced’ 

Why am i spending $500 then??? never again.


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