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Community News and Updates – January 2022

  • 31 January 2022
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Welcome to the second edition of our monthly community newsletter.

We’ve started 2022 in a big way, not just through our continued growth, content expansions and platform improvements, but with the success of yet another platform milestone.

In this edition, I’ll be talking through each of these points and dropping a couple of hints on what we have coming to the platform over the next few months and beyond.


Let’s talk visitors and community growth

Back in December we’d reported that the community had reached 1200 register uses, a somewhat signification milestone at the time. We’d also predicted that this number would jump by yet another significant amount and the overall engagement on existing articles and new topics would increase over the festive period and gifting season

Our predictions were right. We did not just see an increase in overall traffic, but we saw the community reach yet another registered user milestone. We had another 400 registrations, bringing us to 1600+ to date.

Inclusive of the last week for December, we’d seen a further 60,000 unique visitors heading to our community from the Dyson Link App. Whilst this was above our expectation during this time frame, we’d made some key content placement ahead of time and were able to support all but a few users, who ultimately raised their own topics.

By utilising the ‘Interesting article’ section of the homepage, we were able to highlight our most asked questions to date. Featuring these articles, amongst others, saw an increase of traffic and views, whilst decreasing the overall number of new questions being asked.

We’re really pleased with this result and look forward to seeing how the community expands during February.


Let’s talk content

We continue to track trends across the communities most popular content, category sections and commonly asked questions. Identifying these trends has helping us in our future planning, where we aim to expanding the Knowledge base’s Air treatment and Voice Assistants categories. These new content drops will make their way onto the community throughout February and March.

The top three community led engagement areas during this time were:

  • Ask the Community
  • Community news and info
  • Tips and tricks

If you’d like to be kept up to date on when our community team drops new content, simply subscribe to our ‘Content calendar’ article – here.


Let’s talk platform improvement(s)

With the continued growth of the community, our future ambitions, and the various markets we’re seeing hitting the community space, we’ve introduced a subtle improvement to our support channelling.

Support channelling

Previously, where a user needed to be directed to Dyson support, we’d provide their specific markets contact details as a reply against their topic. This response while correct, couldn’t support those users in other markets and caused the moderation team to respond multiple times. This also detracted away from other users highlighting these articles.

We’ve since introduced a universal response, one which allows us to direct users to their own market using a vanity URL. Our historic responses have already been amended to include this new URL, meaning other community users should have even more confidence when referencing these articles.


What’s next

What’s next you ask?

In our Read about our Community article and Terms & Conditions we mention how the Community platform is a first for Dyson, that it is currently being trialled and how you as the community users are key to growing the platform and helping make it a success.

Based on this overall success, I am very pleased to say that we are in talks with our wider team to cement the platforms future in the Dyson Digital Space.

To further align the platform to this goal, over the next few months well be making some creative changes to the community. The content structure and hierarchy will stay the same, but you might see some updated imagery and a refreshed homepage being introduced. Along with another addition. Hopefully the below image doesn’t give too much away on what this addition could be…



That’s it. As always, we’ll be posting regular updates in our ‘Content calendar’, letting you know what our most recent additions are. If you have a suggestion for future content or just simply wish to provide feedback, feel free to create a question or conversation. The best place to do this in our Ask the Community forum.

Speak to you all again very soon!

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