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Cordless v7 vacuum is cutting out after 10 seconds, even though its been charging

  • 7 December 2022
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My V7 cordless cuts out after 10 seconds even though it’s been on charge for days. It doesn’t do this every time though. I’ve checked the cable unplugged and plugged it in again 🤷‍♀️


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Hi @Ame 

This model isn’t one that I have direct experience with. I expect it is similar to their latest iterations with regards to the operation and general maintenance. I can therefore hazard a guess, by saying with some certainty there are two potential causes.

The first is a power issue. Cause by either a faulty charger or partial contact between the charging pin and the battery port. The Community Team released an article on this earlier in the week. Cordless Battery isn't charging, what can I do?

The second is where this cut out you describe is caused by a blockage. I’m quoted the My cordless vacuum cleaner is making a pulsing noise, what does this mean? post by saying this, however, “If the machine switches on and off in quick succession, while making a pulsing noise, it could be an indication to either a dirty/blocked filter or an obstruction in the machine affecting the airflow.” In this case, locating the blockage will resolve the situation. 

I’m hopefully that either one of my suggestions and the subsequent links I shared will help. I’d certainly be interested to hear which one. 


Thanks for your reply. It was working fine 2 hours later! It is a very intermittent problem. It is charging (well the light is on) so I don’t understand it. There is no pulsating it just starts to run and then cuts out after about 10-15 seconds as it’s run out of charge. 

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Intermittent charger, connection or battery issue. Process of elimination, if by charging in another socket it acts the same, it’s either the trigger component or the battery. Dyson should be able to diagnose which. 

We have discovered it does this when it is in max suction 🤷‍♀️. 

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When did you last wash the filter or give the cleaner a once over!? If it’s been done recently, I’d say a new filter would fix it. 

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Hi @Ame 

In hindsight, this could be the result of a blocked filter or an airflow reduction in one of the vacuums components. 

Removing and inspecting each component for a blockage and washing the filter could help fix the issue. If it doesn’t, by following the Dyson troubleshooting route, you’ll be directed to purchase a new filter.


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Hi @Ame

In the initial instance, I’d agree with the potential of a power issue. However, as you recently highlight that it only does this when in MAX / BOOST mode, I’d expect it is a filter or blockage related issue. 

If the advice shared by our other members hasn’t resolved this, can I please encourage you to review the Troubleshooting option specific for your machine. This can be found through the Dyson website. To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, choose your machine from the on-screen options and navigate through to ‘Troubleshooting’.

If you'd prefer, you're welcome to call the Dyson Helpline to speak with our experts directly. You can find their number in the ‘Contact us’ section of the page.



After troubleshooting and still no joy the customer service team straight away said run time issue and a new battery is on its way!

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Hi @Ame, we are glad to hear that you were able to reach support for further assistance.