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V8 red light specifically flashes 4 times

  • 17 March 2023
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What is the problem if the red light flashes 4 times only, not 12. I’ve looked it up & only one place I’ve found specifically states it will be a problem with the motor, not the battery. (As it would flash 12 times if it’s the battery) Every where else, including Dyson customer services just say, ‘if a red light flashes, it’ll be the battery.’

It’s been working fine for 4 years. I’ve had no reduced power over recent use. Yesterday went to use it & no power, the power light just flashes red 4 times when triger pulled or put back on docking station.

Any help would be much appreciated


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Hello @Chris D 

If there is a red flashing light on the V8 and there is no power, it is generally the battery that is the cause. We do have other model cord-free machines, where the number of times the red light flashes is more diagnostic in nature, and the specific number of flashes can be indicative of needing a battery or a replacement main body. For V8’s, flashing red light is battery, solid red light is the main body. You also mentioned a flashing red light while charging; that also indicates the issue is the battery. 

Battery life and overall lifespan can vary from one household to another and there isn’t just one defining factor as to why batteries in general fail. There are several variables outside the control of any battery manufacture, including, overall use, storage temperature, number of charges, general machine maintained, along with filter maintenance. When considering all these variables, Dyson are not able to place a guarantee on the overall life of your battery. However, Dyson provide a two year as standard guarantee against the Cordless machines at purchase, including the battery. 

You can purchase a replacement Dyson right from our website, and it will include it’s own 12-month guarantee. To shop genuine spare parts or accessories, please navigate to our online store. Once here, select a machine from the on-screen options and continue through the journey to view all associated parts.

There are two articles which I believe will help in the future: 

  1. How to: Maximise your cordless vacuum's battery life
  2. Understanding Battery Degradation

We hope this helps!


Thanks for replying Kelly. I found a vacum cleaner shop that was able to test the unit there & then & yep, it was the battery. 

Very confusing when you find one website that specifically says (If I remember correctly for, V8) a red flashing light > 12 times = battery & 4 times = motor 😕 But, no other sources mention on how many times the unit flashes may mean a specific diagnosis.

Your info helps clear it up more though. Once again, thanks