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Hand dryers - Filter life

  • 24 April 2023
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Hi Dyson,

I have a hand dryer in my company, therefore I wondering how long i need to replace a filter.


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Hi @Leo,

Thank you for posting your question.

As a rule of thumb, there isn't a specific time that is given to the filters, and it is more dependant on the traffic the machine receives.

General maintenance and cleaning can support the filters longevity. Further instruction on clean can be found in the machines operation manual. To view this, simple use our Guides and manuals link, selecting your machine from the options available and navigate through to the ‘Support’ page. 

As the filters reach the end of their run time, there are usually two indications: 

  1. The machine takes considerable longer to dry. 
  2. The machine starts to pulse in and out when in use. 

For more information, I’d recommend checking out the article below article. This will help you identify which Hand dryer you are using. Y