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Please have way for commercial hand dryer to be redirected to face


In many places the commercial hand dryers seem to be doing okay in saving paper towel use.

For example, in Australia a lot of airports have them.

But, they lose a good deal of benefit because they can not be directed to one’s face.

Especially in the airports or other transport hubs, where a traveler may freshen up a bit with a face wash, the hand dryer that only dries hands is rather limited.

Why can you not please tweak the design so it can direct the airflow also at the face?

It can not be that difficult.


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Hello @iconiccyclonic 

Although we always love to hear feedback on our technology from Dyson owners, unfortunately we can’t accept product ideas and suggestions submitted from outside our organisation. This could lead to misunderstandings - we have to be very cautious, especially in terms of intellectual property. 

We have a 6,000-strong global engineering team, who are busy developing a pipeline of new Dyson technology stretching 25 years into the future. We can't reveal anything they might be working on until we're ready to launch, but the Dyson Community is a great place to stay up to date with our latest news! 

We do wish you the best of luck with your ideas!

Best wishes,


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Great idea! Though I don’t quite know the logistics or benefit - Everybody dried their hands (‘d like to think). I’m not too sure how many dry their faces or even how the excess water blown off would be stopped from splashing on those behind. Maybe a walk in unit. Full body blower..