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Refurbished Dyson Styler. Why have I not been offered an exchange?

  • 6 June 2023
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I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the Dyson Styler I recently purchased, which has been consistently malfunctioning and poses a significant inconvenience during use. I am particularly disappointed with the fact that Dyson has deemed this product as a final sale item, preventing me from exchanging it for a fully functional replacement.

On May 25, 2023, I bought a refurbished Dyson Styler on  At first, I was excited about the opportunity to own a high-quality product at a reduced price. However, my enthusiasm quickly faded as I began to encounter numerous issues with the styler.

The primary problem I have encountered is the device randomly turning off in the middle of using it. This disruption not only interrupts my styling routine but also wastes my time and leaves my hair in an unsatisfactory state. Furthermore, there have been occasions when the styler simply refuses to turn on, even after repeated attempts. This inconsistency and unreliability have rendered the styler practically useless.

I understand that the styler I purchased is refurbished, but this should not absolve Dyson of its responsibility to provide a product that functions properly. It is disheartening to discover that despite paying for a half-broken styler, I am not eligible for an exchange or any form of support. This policy appears to prioritize the company's profits over customer satisfaction and fails to acknowledge the importance of ensuring a satisfactory user experience.

As a loyal customer who has previously relied on Dyson for high-quality products, I am deeply disappointed by this experience. I have always considered your brand to be synonymous with innovation, reliability, and customer service. Regrettably, my recent encounter with Dyson has left me questioning these perceptions.

I kindly request that you reconsider your policy regarding final sale items, particularly for products that are inherently faulty. I believe it is only fair to provide an avenue for customers to seek redress when they receive malfunctioning items, especially when the defect significantly affects the product's performance.

I trust that Dyson takes customer satisfaction seriously and values its reputation for excellence. In light of this, I kindly request an immediate resolution to this matter. I would appreciate a replacement styler that functions reliably, allowing me to style my hair without interruption or frustration.

If necessary, I am willing to provide any additional information or take further steps to ensure my concerns are adequately addressed.


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Heya! Oh Gosh! What a nightmare! Customer service is usually top notch and are super informed. Maybe the person you spoke to wasn’t aware of their outlet or thought you brought it elsewhere. 

My sister-in-law used the outlet before. She was shocked there’s no return, but was pointed out they state this on the page. The warranty is either 6-month or 1-year.  

Dyson Outlet. Expertly refurbished Dyson technology.

Try speaking to Dyson again, maybe you’;; get a better experience. 

Fingers crossed! 

Lemon 🍋 

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Hi @elenasylvester

Thanks for raising this on the Community. At Dyson, we’re always challenge ourselves to offer the highest levels of service, so I can only apologise for the experience you’ve had so far.

I’ve already sent your comments onto the regional team, who will make sure your feedback is shared.

As you’re already in contact with our customer service experts, I’d encourage you to continue your conversation with them. They’re best placed to help you further, and are empowered to resolve most issues without the need for further escalation. These issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can directly help you with.