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Airwrap - Paint peeling - Help

  • 19 January 2023
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My airwrap barely used 2 times a month is under warranty until oct 2023. I paid a lot of money for this and the paint is chipping peeling off my pink area on my airwrap I spoke to chat WhatsApp and they said it was full replacement I agreed as it’s under warranty and I sent vidoes and pictures. Today an engineer called me and said it wasn’t covered under my warranty and it’s cosmetic and it’s not covered this is ridiculous and got email them saying my order was cancelled! I am fuming and disgusted with dyson I have already contacted my solicitor and will be going further with this as it’s my rights as a consumer to be replaced as it’s under warranty. 


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4 replies

I think legally they have a standing. Their warranty terms don’t cover cosmetic damage or wear and tear. That’s why they don’t replace the filters or parts that are scratch. Neither actually stops the product from functioning. 

Frustrating as they had offered the replacement and then cancelled it. They might be within their right to, but it’s got to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Paint peeling from mine also, very disappointing because this is an expensive item and it looks cheap tatty now. Dyson need to look at solving this.

Mine is the same, I have had it for some time now but the pink parts scratched shortly after getting it. I was very annoyed with this but read that it’s not covered by warranty, even cheap hairdryers don’t scratch. 
Hopefully they are using better quality materials for the new version, though they shouldn’t have scrimped on it in the first place when it’s the most expensive on the market. 

Always was a ghd dryer and straightener user never any problem with peeling or looking unsightly and half the cost of Dyson, very very disappointing. Certainly won’t recommend as regard value for money.