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Solarcycle Keeps Switching Off

  • 2 August 2023
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Hi, I’ve failed to get any help from Dyson on this so hopefully this method will be more successful. While living in Singapore, I bought a Dyson Solarcycle. Soon after using it for the first time, the light would switch off regardless of how I switched it on. I contacted Dyson in Singapore, and they delivered a replacement. While I appreciated the speed of customer service, I did get the impression that this was a known issue as I wasn’t asked for any information except for the serial number. Fast forward 6 month and I moved back to the UK, brining the light with me. For the record, Singapore uses the same plug socket and power supply as the UK. The light worked for a month or so, before behaving in the same way as the previous unit. This was two years ago and I’ve tried every method to try and understand what’s going on. It’s not the lights location as I’ve moved it to different room. I’ve covered up the light sensors and even shined a torch into the sensor but had the same results.

When I contacted Dyson UK for help, the person decided that this was a power issue as I had bought it in Singapore. Despite my efforts to convince them otherwise, they weren’t interested.

I’m not looking for a replacement, I know the return window has long closed, but I would like to know if this issue has been addressed before I buy a replacement. I just find it weird that both Solarcyles I’ve had, have had the same issue.

Please could I get any help / suggestions on what else I can try to get the light to stay on.

Thanks, in advance



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Hello @Davel101 

Thanks for posting a question to the wider community. I am sorry that you are experiencing this with your Dyson Solarcycle.

If you’ve not already seen, we have a host of material in the Lighting Knowledge area that might provide you with an over all guidance on the Dyson Solarcycle.

The light will automatically adjust depending on your environment. Using the Dyson Link app you can switch the ambient light sensor on/off. 

As you’re already in contact with our customer service experts, I’d encourage you to continue your conversation with them. They’re best placed to help you further and are empowered to resolve most issues without the need for further escalation.   
The best way to speak to one of our representatives is through the WhatsApp feature, visiting the link, navigating to the country selector at the bottom of the page and selecting the country. Once here, select the ‘Support’ option in the top navigation bar and continue to the ‘Contact Us’ section.

If you still need any further help regarding this, don't hesitate to respond over here. 



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Hi Musfeekah,

Thanks for your reply.

Please trust me that I’ve spent nearly three years pushing this without any success. When I notice other people reporting the same thing, I chip in my comments, hoping something at Dyson changes.
I’ve tried every setting, but the light stays on for no more than 90 seconds. I bought the light while living in Singapore, and it is a replacement unit, as the previous light did the same thing. I was given the replacement without any questions, and comments from the engineer who delivered the replacement, made me think that my problems are a known issue, may a bad batch, I don’t know.

I’m now living back in the UK, and contacting support here has gone one of two ways, ‘The power supply in Singapore is different to the UK, and that’s why you’re having problems. ‘The power supply is the same; the plug is the same. Or the other response is, ‘We’re unable to identify your serial number, please supply the correct serial number’ I suspect the serial number for a Singapore / Hong Kong unit is different, and despite pointing this out, I get nowhere.

I hope you now can understand my frustration. I have an expensive light that I can’t use.