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Task Lighting - Power Issue

  • 8 April 2023
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I’ve got a floor standing morph light that has started malfunctioning. When I turn it on it goes out after 5 seconds. Doesn’t matter if its is turned on manually or with the app it turns itself off. I reported this to dyson a few months ago and got some help - basically it is caused by static and needs to be wiped with a cloth. It seemed to work but is now switching itself off again. Obviously a task light that switches off after 5 seconds is not much use. Is this a common/knwon problem and is there a solution that works?

Thanks LWA


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4 replies

Hi @LWA 

Sorry to hear that your experiencing issues with your Dyson product.

It is very unusual for these products to malfunction however this does not mean that you will have no support.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph gradually reduces the brightness for 30 minutes. It helps to calm down and prepares your body for restful sleep.

The motion sensor is switched off in this mode so this possibly could be the reason for your issue. 

The best way forward on this issue is to get in contact with the Dyson customer service team and speak to a Dyson Virtual Service Engineer. 

The Guides and manuals link should take you through to your local Dyson website. Here, you'll need to navigate to the ‘Support’ page and scroll to the ‘Contact Us’ section. 

The ‘Contact Us’ section host the primary contact methods for each market, universally this is WhatsApp but it can vary per market. 



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Thanks for the reply Shaqeela. I contacted support yesterday and then spoke to an engineer. After watching the light be turned on and then going off via online video he has arranged for a new replacement light to be sent out this week. Great service!

Best wishes, Les

@LWA I’ve never seen a Dyson light in person. Are they worth the money? 

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I wanted something that could be a good reading light in the winter months. There are many cheaper options but I bought the dyson because it has great style (in my view) but also is a really versatile light that is great for reading It can also be a room light in several ways and can be used to highlight parts of a room, artwork or objects on display. I love that you can vary the warmth/coolness and brightness really easily. In short it’s a great light but yes - it is a bit expensive but I think it is worth it.

Best wishes, LWA