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No "enabled or disabled" toggler under Software section on My Dyson app

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@Stuart ,

Hope you’re doing well mate.

Under the article Viewing the headphones software information , it states :

  • To ensure the headphones are always on the latest software version, we recommend switching auto-update on


Under the current Android version of the app thats is current in the app store, there is no toggle to enable or disable.

That said, on Android, it’s clearly enabled because yesterday once I connected the android app to the phones, a software update was at the ready.

I’ve got an iFruit (Iphone) as well but I am too lazy to connect the headphones to it at the moment :-p, but looking at the app under the headphones section of it (that's the only thing I have connected to the dyson app) i didn't see a toggle there either.

Attached a screenshot of the phone app. tapping on the software tab does nothing.

It's not a big deal at all but it's good to know if I’m screwing up or what..:)

Thanks for your presence on this forum about this new device. I am loving each moment I wear these and am finding excuses to use them!!!!! Tell Mr. Dyson I said HI! :p




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I can confirm. There is no toggle for the software download. I suspect this is pushed to ‘always on’, ensuring the OTA update is always installed. 

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Hey @ernables

A Fantastic spot - thanks for highlighting this. 

Before making any edits on my side, I’ve checked with the App team. I can confirm what you and @Charliebrown are seeing is correct 😃! I’ve edited the Viewing the headphones software information article to reflect this change. 

I’ve gone over everything else with a fine toothcomb, it looks good to see. but, if you spot anything else that doesn’t look right, please let me know.


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thanks @Stuart for the follow up! I read the manual from cover to cover and also your knowledge based articles. they are all helpful.

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Hi @Stuart.

Credit to everyone involved. here is a perfect example of community cooperation. Dyson working with their owners to perfect their own resource, and be reactive enough to amend it within a timely manner. Kudos!