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Dyson Animal 2 attachments

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi- I just purchased a Dyson Animal 2 and when using the long attachments I find it very hard to maneuver.  The attachment arm is very rigid due to the attachment within the “arm”.  The vacuum also falls over as I am trying to use the attachment. 


Is it user error on my part?  


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2 replies

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Hi @dlevendosky

Assuming you are referring to the hose at the rear of the cleaner, are you removing the ‘wand/arm’ completely to vacuum? If you are, a good tip I picked up is to move the cleaner with me. Using the hose as an extension of the machine and not as a separate vacuum.  

The best way I can explain it is actually from dysons’ own web page. 

You may want to have a look on YouTube to see if the cleaners been set up right. I’d recommend this video.

He author demonstrates the hose, wand and it maximum reach. 


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Hi @dlevendosky,

Great inquiry - I can confirm for you that the hose will be rather stiff, when brand new. One tip I often suggest to owners facing the same issue is to fully stretch out the hose, and leave it stretched overnight to help loosen things up a bit. The more the hose is used and stretched, the more pliable it will eventually become, over time. We hope this helps!