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Dyson Animal Ball - Poor suction with attachments - Any ideas?

  • 19 June 2023
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Hi bi have a new corded ball animal Dyson. Suction is fantastic with all except the attachments particularly the crevice tool. It’s ok when used directly on the hose but when attached to the sand suction is really poor. No blockages and as I say works fine when not on the wand. Is this a known issue please? 


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1 reply

Hi @justine11670 

I am pleased to hear that you love the suction on your new machine.

Poor suction is usually caused by a blockage. As you have already checked this, I would advise giving the article below a read. This provides a bit more insight on getting your machine to perform in an optimal condition. As the other attachments are working perfectly, it would be wise to check the brush bar here

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If this issue still occurs, you are more than welcome to check out the troubleshooting steps in the link, you’ll be able to find a resolution. Let's get your machine working.

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