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Dyson DC17 - Zorb Accessory Use

  • 5 November 2022
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I purchased my genuine dyson dc-17 animal many years ago now when I first started working at my first lowe’s home improvement store that I participated in help setup and open for business. At the time all of us associates were offered some grand opening discounts one of which were substantial savings on dyson products. So since I already knew that dyson products were known to be quality made products I decided to purchase my dc-17 animal upright corded vacuum cleaner, and quite frankly I’ve been well satisfied with my purchase ever since. On the sticker on the front of the tank it shows that it came with a carpet care kit, that included a brown cardboard box that contained the following items: an accessory with the brushes inside of it, a bag of zorb carpet maintenance powder, a can of dyzolv spot cleaner, & some kind of a hose adapter. I would have thought that some kind of instructions would have been included inside of the cardboard box but never did locate any. That’s what information I’m currently looking for so at least I’ll be able to get some use out of this accessory. Thanks in advance for any help that might be provided to me.



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3 replies

Hi David, we have a support page on our website for your machine that will show a list of all tools.  Please feel free to take a look and see if you are able to locate the tool you are in need of. We also have some great tips, tricks and guides there as well. Just use the Support tab on our site.  If you cannot find it there we have live chat and phone agents standing by ready to help. 

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Hi @DavyP

A great question! One that doesn’t come up all the time! 

It’s great to hear that you’re DC17 is still as satisfactory as the day you purchased it. Always great to hear feedback on one of first generation of machines.

@Teanna.Cannon is right - We have a wealthy of information on the specific tools and accessories provided with each model. A simple click on our Guides and manuals link will get you started. 

I believe what you’ve described however is our Dyson Zorb™ carpet cleaning kit. This isn’t currently available for purchase, but I have found some information online for you - Dyson Zorb™ carpet cleaning kit - link

I hope this helps. 


Hello All,

I just wanted to take the time to say thanks SO much for the replies that I received, having retired from the retail industry I’m fully aware of just how important communication is between a manufacturer and a buyer of that manufacturers products. Even though I was able to purchase my Dyson DC-17 Animal upright vacuum at a great price due to the fact that my new lowe’s home improvement store was having it’s grand opening and store associates were being offered promotions for several different types of product lines, I feel like there’s a very good chance that I probably would have made my dyson purchase anyway because of several different reasons, mainly the most important one (overall quality & satisfaction with their products). I’m so very glad to have received the information that I was seeking, I’m thinking that with my original purchase there might of been some kind of instruction sheet that came packed with the zorb carpet cleaning kit, but after moving numerous times and possibly just simply misplacing that specific information that was my reason for posting here in the community forum. Please Stay Safe & Healthy !

David Wright