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Dyson DC51 with US plug in EU (Luxembourg) - Will it work?

  • 27 June 2023
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Coming from the states with Dyson DC51 vacum and reading some options and how adapter will not work and ruin the maschine, I would be very thankful to receive some official suggestions and if there are any options to use it in our new home in Europe or not?

If there us anything I can do Any informationnwould be very helpful and appreciated.


Thank you so much and looking forward to hear from you.

Kindest regards,



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1 reply

Alright Merlin! 

Welcome to Europe! Tricky question. They advise against using adapter/converters. They’ve not tested these with use, and won’t cover those that are damaged as a result. 

Nothing stopping you giving this a try though. The worse that could happen is the unit won’t switch on or it will overheat. 

As for suggestions. Might be worth the effort of calling dyson and asking if they’ve got a relocation policy. If you’re inside the warranty, they might just replace it for you with a local unit.

Good luck 😁