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Light Ball UP16 - Hard to Push - HELP!

  • 26 October 2023
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I have a UP16 (Light Ball) and the brush stops spinning after a few seconds of use on a loop pile carpet. Is this normal?

I have to keep pressing the brush button for it to activate.

I would have thought the brush on loop pile carpets would do a better job lifting up the dirt off the carpet?

This Dyson only seems to work on hard floors with less friction than loop pile.

Let me know if I'm using it incorrectly?



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@pheyoIt's true that some carpets (especially higher-pile) carpets may be incompatible with a Dyson upright . The reason, the suction is so strong, and the head will create an airtight seal that stops airflow, etc. For that reason, we always recommend deferring to the carpet manufacture as some will advise incompatibility with a high-power suction device like a Dyson upright. You'll know this is the case if the machine functions as normal on hard floor or lower-pile carpet. You may want to try one of the non-motorized tools on those sections.

Some of the more recently cleaner heads have a suction slider - this is represented by a ‘Red slider’ on the front of the cleaner head. If your model has this, please slide it into the ‘low’ position. 

If you’re still struggling, refer to our How do I troubleshooting an issue with my Dyson? | Dyson Community post for further help.