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Pet Grooming Tool for the Ball Animal - How to use?

  • 1 August 2023
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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get your dog no afraid of the dog hair cleaning tool for the Animal Ball that has the spikes on it?   It may just be the sound of the vacuum but she runs the other direction when we approach her with it.


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3 replies

Hey @fitzhugh king I asked a similar question (Thoughts on the pet grooming kit/tool? | Dyson Community). Great at tackling pet hair, our long haired lurcher cross doesn’t mind it now - it was a different story when it arrived. It took a while for him to get use to using it, but now he loves it.

I’ve seen people tricking their pets into grooming with treats, but if your dogs not great with noise altogether, it might not work.

Regular use might be best. Maybe you could try the tool without the vacuum on, so they’re use to it going over their fur? 


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Hi @fitzhugh king,

Obviously all pets have different temperaments, and different reactions to the environment around them - but here are some tips which may help if your dog is unsettled by the sound of a vacuum cleaner:

Place the vacuum somewhere your dog can see it all the time, instead of only on cleaning days, to make the vacuum part of their familiar surroundings. Encourage your dog to go near the vacuum by feeding in front of it. Gradually repeat this step with the vacuum cleaner switched on. Groom your dog without the tool attached to the vacuum cleaner. And finally, once your dog is comfortable with the steps above, start using the tool while it’s attached to the vacuum cleaner. Keep praising your dog and rewarding them for their good behaviour.

There’s a great video which shows these steps -


It may take a few attempts, but teaching them that the machine isn’t a threat, and that being groomed with the groom tool can be an enjoyable experience, should definitely help.

Let us know how you get on!

@Jack C a very kind post 😍!