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Upright vacuum DC55 - Real world problems

  • 7 February 2023
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i had a DC05 which gave 15 years reliable service, and was only retired when an enthusiastic teenager dropped it down the stairs and the handle snapped off. Even then it briefly served as a dust extractor for a table saw. No complaints. It made me a Dyson advocate, for life I thought.

To replace it, only another Dyson was considered.

A DC55 seemed the logical choice in 2018.

Cleaning power - awesome, as you’d expect.👍

long-term useability, not so much. 😪

Has anyone else found the following niggles, or di get a dud?

  1. sliding the red ‘wand’ back into the handle - unreliable. sometimes it does not want to slot in. frustrating
  2. opening the bottom of the dust bin with the button on top. after 6 months, just fails. now the handle lifts up more than the button goes down. Needs manual assistance.
  3. Motorbar cleaning head -great. the thin gap for the dust to be sucked up into? not so good. Too narrow, easily clogged by even a small amount of hair which then just limits everything after. Frequent unblocking required, usually leading to a full strip down and filter wash anyway.
  4. pull handle back to use as an upright cleaner moves the hose from the wand to the cleaner head. It does not always complete the connection, so only when the required suction is not achieved do you flip it open to manually push it into place. This needs to be checked every time after it is upright.

In summary, several times the ‘Henry’ that the wife thought would be useful has actually worked much better than my Dyson. I was so embarrassed to have to write that sentence.

Now, I am not sure i would ever recommend a Dyson again. the design cleverness seems great for laboratory conditions, but in the real world simple and reliable are what I need.

good luck with yours


A former Dyson superfan


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