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What holds this tube in on MultiFloor 2 (picture included)

  • 2 September 2023
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The black tube attached to the hose on my MultiFloor 2 fits into the purple piece (yellow on my machine) shown in the drawing below.  What holds these two pieces together when you want to use the hose for cleaning drapes or upholstery, etc.  On mine, the tube just falls out of the purple piece (at the blue arrow) whenever I want to use it.  It seems like I must be missing some sort of clip that holds the two pieces together.  No amount of force will join them together so that they “click” into place.



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Hi @Cam 

Thank you for raising this with us.

From what you have explained, the purple bit which is part of the wand keeps falling out.

There's a clip at the blue arrow that keeps the wand in place.

Kindly make sure that this part is attached securely, 

If you are still experiencing problems with this part kindly contact the Dyson support team. They will make sure to provide you with the best possible solution.