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How to: Order spare parts and accessories

  • 23 November 2022
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How to: Order spare parts and accessories
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Your Dyson machine is designed to give you many years of excellent performance.

Time to time you may need to order a spare part or an accessory, either new or as a replacement.

To shop genuine spare parts or accessories, please navigate to our online store. Once here, select a machine from the on-screen options and continue through the journey to view all associated parts.

To view if a spare or accessory is compatible with a machine, visit the ‘Accessory store’. Selecting either the Cordless, Corded or Hair care accessories. On the accessory page, a full list of compatible machines is listed.

If you require a manual for your machine, one can be downloaded through our Guides and manuals link.

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For anyone wanting to order parts for one of Dyson’s retired machines, the mods have commented on another post by recommending one of their authorized parts retailers.

  • eSpares 
  • PartMaster 
  • Buyspares 
  • Spares2Go – genuine parts from Spares2Go are only available on Amazon 
  • 4Your Home 
  • PartCentre 
  • PartsCentre
  • Appliance Spares Warehouse