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HP02 Filter washing?

  • 11 February 2024
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is it possible to hoover, clean or wash the for the HP02 air purifier?

Feels like a waste to buy a new one every few month, especially when you have more than one units.


If cleaning or washing can be an option, any advise what is the best chemicals to use?


Should be better for environment as well to reuse them.


Thanks ahead!


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Hi @ebaba,

Dyson purifier filters have been developed and rigorously tested by the same engineers who make Dyson machines. Made from borosilicate microfibers pleated hundreds of times, they capture gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles. And because they’re fully sealed, our filters trap pollutants, rather than leaking them back into the room. 

Using non-genuine, imitation filters can void the Dyson warranty on your machine. So to ensure optimum performance and to protect your warranty cover, we would recommend choosing genuine Dyson purifier filters.

thank you for the replies, ok we are going to replace them in the future.


but now that leads to the master question:

Are the compatible HEPA filters on Amazon that much worse that the original Dyson? The price difference is massive, and I wonder if it is justified.


Any experience on that?

Some parts of air purifier can be cleaned with brush and other can be washed. But using brush to remove debris is highly appreciated. You can wash pre-filter with plain water once every three months. As for HEPA filter, only tap it against any hard surface, washing it is discouraged. For maintenance purpose, you can replace HEPA Filter after a year.

Hi @ebaba ,

Thanks for your post. Dyson purifier filters are engineered to last 12 months based on using your machine for up to 12 hours a day, every day, or 6 months when in continual use. Your purifier’s filter life indicator will let you know when it’s time to replace the filters. 

The filters collect pollutants and particles much smaller than the eye can see and - even if they appear clean to the eye - for sanitary reasons, they need to be replaced, not cleaned. 

In between filter replacements, you can lightly vacuum the filter itself to remove dust or fluff from the surface. But please do not attempt to wash or submerge Dyson purifier filters. They’re not designed to be washed, and this will cause permanent damage to the filter material.