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How do I create a MyDyson™ account and register a machine?

  • 10 January 2023
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How do I create a MyDyson™ account and register a machine?
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Creating a MyDyson™ account is easy and can be completed by following a few simple steps. 

Once the account creation process has been completed, next you’ll want to register your machine. To do this, you’ll need two key pieces of information.

  1. The machine’s serial number - This is generally located on the machine and accompanying documentation. If you’re stuck, an on-screen option will help you locate the serial number.
  2. The date of purchase - The machines guarantee will commence from the date of purchase. 

To get started with account creation and registering a machine, refer to the instructions for either the web option or the MyDyson™ app.


MyDyson™ – Dyson website

Joining MyDyson™ and registering a machine gives instant access to how-to guides, tailormade support and more exclusive options. To get started, visit the Dyson website and follow the steps on our ‘Machine registration’ page.


MyDyson™ app - Apple and Android

Downloading and installing the MyDyson™ app on a compatible device is quick and easy. It provides exclusive benefits alongside that of the website registration, in addition to hosting its own library of videos and support documents, making these easily accessible when on the move.  


To create a new MyDyson™ App account, please download the Dyson App from either the iOS or Android store. Once downloaded, completed the sign up and registration process. Further information on each of these steps can be found in our ‘The Dyson App’ knowledge area.


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