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Gen5detect™ - Now available in the US

  • 7 June 2023
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Gen5detect™ - Now available in the US
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Great news! Dyson's most advanced cordless vacuums to date, the Gen5detect™ and Gen5outsize™ are now available in the US.

The Gen5™️ cordless vacuums come in two sizes. For big cleans. And bigger cleans.


Removes dust and hair from soft furnishings

The Hair screw tool has a conical brush bar that removes and de-tangles long hair and pet hair – straight into the bin. Engineered for mattresses, sofas, pet beds and stairs.


Single-button power control

Power at the touch of a button, with no trigger to hold. For comfortable, continuous cleaning.


Big bin. Bigger bin.

Dyson Gen5outsize™ has a 150% bigger vacuum bin – so you can clean for even longer before emptying.


Wide cleaner head. Wider cleaner head.

Dyson Gen5outsize™ vacuum has a 25% wider Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head³ to cover more floor with each sweep, for faster room cleaning.


Explore the technology behind our Gen5™️ cordless vacuums by visit the Dyson website by click on the corresponding link - Visit

Visit our own Dyson Cordless vacuums: Getting started article to view a ‘Getting started’ video. 

5 replies

Hi @dla26 ,

Kirby is correct, the only difference between the two variants are in the color.

The Dyson Gen5detect™ Absolute vacuum comes in the exclusive prussian blue and copper color as shown is the link below.

​​The Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum

Best wishes,

Usually it’s the extra accessories or the filtration level - side by side their identical in that respect. 

The only difference I can see is the colour. 

If you want copper/gold wand or a purple one :) 


What is the difference between the Gen5detect Absolute and the Gen5detect? They’re the same price, the specs seem identical, and the included accessories are the same. Why are they 2 different skus?

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