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Increase Vis Nav Dockingprocess with using the LED Ring

  • 19 April 2024
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I got a really god idea for the docking in issues! That would change a lot!

That idea was also sent to UK after I discussed the solution with my Vis Nav Professional. I hope it will find a way into the VisNav Settings.


The Idea

  • Create a toggle to switch on the LED Ring when the Vis Nav is on its way to the docking station and in the docking process. Make sure that the setting is NOT in linked to the brightness of the room- just turning on the LED lights. 

Here is why and how I found it as a solution.
My Vis Nav and also my old 360 Heurist got always issues with docking in, no matter if it was day or night, sunny, cloudy or with lightbulbs.


I got an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I switched on the flashlight and positioned it behind the Robot while it was docking in, but got issues to find the dockingstation. The reason was, I hoped that by improving the light conditions the robot will lern how to dock in better in the future…. BUT I found out that EVERYTIME I placed the iPhone-Flashlight behind the Robot it always finds the Station within a few moments, and docked in flawlessly ALWAYS!!!


The Heurist and the VisNav got the LED Light Ring. So why don’t use them to improve the dockingprocess! It works! I promise! 


I would love to have this as a toggle.

Dyson could say “By docking issues turn this toggle on, and the vis nav will turn its LED ring on when its on the way to dockingstation and it keeps the lights on during the docking process until its done.”


Please take the time to reproduce the issue and give it a try. If its needed I can create a video how its works for me to this day.

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