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Dyson 360 VIS Nav airwatt rating

  • 17 January 2024
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What are the airwatt ratings for each cleaning mode?


I only found the 65 AW rating that is linked to the boost mode, right?




Best answer by Abdul Moiz 27 February 2024, 10:33

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2 replies

Yes but nothing about the other cleaning modes and nobody likes to answer that question :


private msg to “Jack Community Manager” - answered the 65aw and some general stuff but nothing about eco and auto mode range.

support says they do not have the numbers for the modes except boost mode (really?…come on).

no reply on twitter / x

no reply even on their buisness mail.

just weired

Yes, the VIS Nav 360 has a 65AW rating. It’s probably the best one in the market as of right now.