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TRIANGLE ADAPTOR for low reach floor tool, DC17

My old DC17 is still chugging along, full steam.  One of the best purchases ever, probably 15 yrs ago or longer.

The cracked ‘triangle’ adaptor for the low-reach floor tool, however, finally gave up the ghost after years of survival, thanks to a zealous GorillaTape job.  I ordered a replacement from a source called… DO NOT USE these people. is one of those companies that will ship out anything, regardless of whether or not it’s correct.  The’re the parts equivalent of having a ‘warm body’ on the end of a support line who has zero knowledge and a bad attitude, lol.


Adaptor triangle
Part no. 907036-03


What I did find was a source for this adaptor on Fleabay.  It hasn’t arrived yet, but I will update when it comes. 

Dyson’s ‘contact us’ page has only social media links, no email.  But they do have a phone, CST zone.  I haven’t called… they’re just gonna say they don’t make it anymore.

If you’re gonna build a product of this high quality, that seems to last ‘forever’, why not at least keep making a few of the parts that you know are prone to breakage, like this plastic piece?  You want to change the design? Go ahead, it’s YOUR design.  But @ least keep making the ‘gazinta’ pieces. (as in ‘this goes into that’)


Even in 2005 dollars the DC17 listed for 4 or $500, with all the bells and whistles.  If someone is motivated to spend a decent slice of ca$h for an appliance, they shouldn’t be hobbled because of a broken $15 plastic piece.



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