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The Dyson exploded in my wife's hands

  • 9 October 2023
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I’m writing here, as no emails working in the Dyson (Ukrainian is 100%), so we can continue the conversation via email/WhatsApp after the Dyson team sees my complaint.


I am writing to you regarding a concerning incident involving one of Dyson's products that exploded in my wife's hands during her morning routine. 


I am prepared to provide you with the details of this situation and request an explanation from your end. 


The product was purchased 2 years ago, and although the warranty period has expired, it is unacceptable for such an incident to occur.


Will be waiting for Dyson team reply.


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2 replies

Please contact Dyson service in the nearest country to you with details on your Dyson machine, including the serial number, your local support will need to contact you and look into this.

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@Adam.Steinberg is correct.
The regional Customer Service team will be on hand to discuss this incident, collect evidence and investigate the cause. 

Find the local contact details by visiting the Dyson Contact link. Click on the ‘Support’ tab in the top right corner of the screen.