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Dyson Airwrap exchange

  • 17 February 2024
  • 2 replies

My airwrap smelled burnt and I had a few days left in the warranty, sent for a replacement on 01/18, Dyson received it on 01/24 and I still haven't received any update about my exchange, it’s been more than 3 weeks, infinite calls and chats and they keep saying that the warehouse team hasn’t update yet, but they are working on it and that I’ll receive an update in 24-48 hours, they said that a few times already and nothing!! It’s really frustrating, tomorrow will be 1 month since the whole process began! Anyone had an exchange replacement and can tell how was, how long it took? Any light? Thank you 

2 replies

I have been dealing with an exchange since Oct/Nov ‘23. And have not gotten my replacement yet. They claimed that one was mailed out to me, which i never received. I never got an email with any order being shipped out, or tracking number or anything. And i’ve been calling every week, since Nov ‘23 with no success of getting a replacement yet. There were 2 attempts of internal order being placed with the assurance that i would get emails about the order within 24-48 hrs, never received any email. Only to call back to inform that no email was received and to find out what’s going on, then to be told that the order was cancelled. I literally made a call this morning to find out the internal order was cancelled

Hi @daycdias I hate to hear of the troubles you had with your AirWrap and with the exchange process. I would be lost without my AirWrap, so I understand the importance of you getting your new machine quickly. Please email us at askdysonUS@dyson.com in the Subject Line please include:  "Dyson.Com Review" and we will be happy to get this looked into for you.