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  • 10 April 2024
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Hello, we have 4 Dyson Purifier Cool in our home. We constantly change the filters, every few months based on the indication. Was wondering if Dyson has any recycling program in place in India to deposit the used filters ?

The local waste disposers have no idea how to consider these used filters, so they simply seem to add on to the plastic burden. 
Please let me know if there are any such initiatives or programs active in India, will be happy to collect and drop by the filters or other replaced parts. 



Thank you 



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2 replies

Thank you Jack ! 

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Hi @Geetha Arjun,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for your question!

Dyson Purifier filters aren’t currently recyclable - but as a consumable part, our engineers strive to ensure they have the longest life possible. Glass HEPA media is used, which typically has a longer life span than other filter media, to make sure it needs to be replaced as infrequently as possible. In many regions, based on 12-hour usage per day, a purifier would require a new filter as little as every 12 months.

Recycled material is used in the Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde machine itself, made from 21.5% recycled plastic by weight. And our latest purifier filters contain 85% recycled plastic in the filter frame, resulting in a reduction of virgin plastic.

Hope this helps!