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Dyson and Airthings read different VOC levels

  • 6 March 2024
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I noticed when kids play in the basement the VOC spikes really high on the airthings monitor. Last night was close to the red zone. I brought downstairs Dyson to check what it has to say but the Dyson VOC showed green. I am very confused.


PS: The VOC levels in the basement got worse after we installed a new furnace. The basement window is always cracked opened. If the kids are not in the basement, Airthings reads low VOC

2 replies

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Please keep us posted. I have the same sensors and I wanted to know what’s more reliable .


DP04 not as sensitive to VOC 

TP 07 VERY sensitive 

Airthings VOC seems to react slower to TP07 but seems to match. TP07!reading ?

The VOC sensors do need some time to calibrate. If you unplug the machine it needs some time to re-calibrate. Try to keep the dyson and the airthings devices for a longer time in the same room and enable the continiuous monitoring for the dyson.