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Multiplier - ROUND head tower fan

  • 27 March 2024
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Help needed.. I have one of the original round tower fans, the one with the round circle head.. the multiplier is written on the circular head. (can’t see an actual model number?)

Is there a filter anywhere to clean?

I haven’t used it for a while and no cool air is coming out.

I have used the vacuum on the bottom vent holes but not cleaning much or making a difference to the air.

Can someone help me with the same product with their experience with cleaning?

Thank you!


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5 replies

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thank you so much, that’s been very helpful.. 😉

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When I mentioned 'open it', I mean really open it, meaning take off the top and unscrew and stuff which is tricky (this is a service the service center does to clean the insides).

It's only slightly cooler than room temperature, there's no air-conditioning system inside. The science behind it is that hot air rises and cold air sinks. Since the AM is placed on the floor and all the air being drawn in is at a low area, the air drawn in is cool air.

By modern upright towers, do you mean the latest Dyson purifiers? If so, those function pretty much the same as the AM in terms of the fan. No air-conditioning cooler system inside too.

Thanks for reply! Aaah, I now see the model on the base, yes its AM with 03 underneath in a black box like this.

When you say ‘open it’ where does this unit come apart? Any help appreciated.

And yes, I remember it blowing significantly cooler air than it currently is. Colder than room temp yes or am I misunderstanding this unit?

Perhaps I need to invest in one of the modern upright towers?

Anyone extremely happy with eg. Pure cool units to keep myself cool at night in bedroom? I love to have the noise too!

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Hey, I think you have one of the AMs, these don’t have any filters. Probably need to open it up to check the inside for any clogged up dust. The model number should be at the bottom of the machine. Also, by cool air, do you mean air that is significantly colder than room temperature?