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Different Blue filter on HP09 air purifier - Ideas?

  • 7 August 2023
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So I ordered a second HP09 from Curry’s today already having got one from Marks Electrical last week and the inner blue filters are completely different.  Is the formaldehyde magic happening inside now? Are the hepa filters the same for both variants of catalytic filters.  


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Have you got a couple of images to share? Are they similar to the ones shown in this post? 

Dyson Purifier HP09 Formaldehyde catalytic filters - New design, is it okay to use? | Dyson Community

If so, then it’s a new design and fine to use. 

That’s it. Why the change?

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They’ve not said. Just that the design has been updated. They’ve offered assurance that there’s no loss in performance between the new filter design and the original one. I’d guess it’s cheaper to manufacture or ship.