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Dyson Air Purifier TP04 exterior turning yellow

  • 16 June 2022
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My dyson TP04 white plastic exterior turning from white to yellow right now. Is there any solutions to turn back it back to white?

Appreciate your help

Thank you

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4 replies

My grandmothers nursing home have a old Dyson the lobby. Over the years sunlight has stained it yellow on the top half. No amount of cleaning has ever removed it. 

If there is a solution, I’d be happy to share it with them. 

I’ve heard of Tobacco smoke staining light fixtures. It comes off eventually, tough to remove. Could that be the cause? 


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Hey @mazmeer2 @Kibbleb 

Sadly this is caused by a process called ‘Yellowing’ and there is no remedy or quick solution to revert it. 

The UV raise (Sun Light) changes the colour of lightly colour plastics. White/Cream etc.

I saw it a lot while working at a very prominent washing machine brand. The various machines in their foyer changed a shade of yellow over the years. Every now and then they’d swap them out for ones that looked whiter. This never lasted for long. 

Removing it from direct sunlight will lesson this process. 


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Hi @mazmeer2 

I have a few of our Dyson EC machines and have experienced the same. If there is a remedy for this, it’s not one that I am aware of, but let me do some digging to see if I can get any type of official word on this.

Best wishes,

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Hey @mazmeer2

Thanks for your patience.

We don’t have an official wording per se, we do have some further information about the process and cause we can share. 

The “yellowing” effect of the white plastic is caused by UV exposure. This is a general characteristic of some whiter plastics and is an environmental factor driven by the machine placement. 

In terms of reverting this process, there isn’t a recommended method. However, It can be avoided by limiting the UV exposure, such as by not placing the machine in direct sunlight. 

With that said, we can offer some assurance here in that it isn’t a fault and the machine will continue to work as expected. 

Hopefully this helps to answer your question.