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Dyson Bladeless AM01 Fan Causing A loud Vibrating Noise When The Dial Is Set To High

  • 29 February 2024
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Lately my Dyson fan has been making a very load vibration noise when the dial is set to high of air speed

Please note the dyson fan has been dropped occasionally on carpet and has received impact from its falls.   

the vibration noise still continues even with the loop amplifier taken off by counter clock wise

any input on why this very loud vibration noise is happening would be very helpful

please inform what might need to be replaced, what might be damaged, what might be loose that is causing this ​​​​​​​


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Hi @MalevolentRainbow,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for your post!

From what you’ve described, it does sound as if your Dyson AM01 Air Multiplier™  fan has sustained some internal damage from being dropped - potentially a loose or detached component within the main body, although it’s not possible to be specific without having examined the machine in person.  

Our options are very limited here as due to the age of this machine, we’re no longer able to support it with spare parts or servicing. We’re also unable to provide details on dismantling your machine any further than is shown in the User guide or completing an electrical repair.

I’m sorry that we’re not able to help you further with this particular issue. Our technology has evolved and improved in the years since AM01 was first developed. If you did want to take a look at our current range of Dyson fans, heaters, purifiers and humidifiers, you can find these here.

So i couldnt take apart the dyson fan step by step and show you guys? to see where the problem may be?

is there at least a way to find out all the part that is this fan so i can see what i have to replace with ebay or etc?