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Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool - Deep cleaning cycle

  • 24 October 2023
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I’m a great fan of the Dyson applications and overall pretty satisfied with the two Dyson Pure fans I bought. I’m using them within the iOS-eco system, involving an iPhone and an Apple Watch. Here’s some feedback on my user experience while performing the last deep cleaning cycle:

The app points out that a cycle is needed, which is great. I love intelligent appliances, that take the burden of tracking maintainance for me.

The app said that I could execute the cleaning process or disable the humification system. Since I was not able to do it immediately, I decided to go with disabling. Unfortunately it did not remember the decision, so it asked me everytime while disabling the controls until I click my decision.

Let’s do the cleaning. My pitfalls:

  • The 12 page-in-app description is really a bit confusing, since it’s a mix of do’s and don’ts rather than a step-by-step process. Additionally the whole process is printed on upside the water container, which is more helpful.

  • In the machine settings, the “Deep clean cycle” said there were still 177 hours left before the next cleaning is needed: a bit confusing.
  • You can’t start the process from the app (can you?).
  • While in Night-Mode (which I prefer most of the time, because otherwise the fan is often to noisy), pressing the cleaning button, does nothing (or at least you don’t get the display feedback)
  • After pressing the cleaning button, an animation is shown on the display, but without pressing again, the process won’t start.
  • The display shows the cleaning process again (good idea, but confusing in combination with the other two descriptions), but you must press the cleaning button several times (for showing different stages of the cleaning as animation) to start the actual cleaning.
  • After completion the app shows the complete information in the app, giving me the option to jump to the settings and adjust my water hardness. Unfortunately the dialog returns the next time of switch back to the app with the same two options. “Dismiss” of the dialog is not persisted.

Please do not file this as a complaint, the process works fine and completed successfully. Take it as user feedback which maybe helpful, or not.

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