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Error message after carbon filter replacement on HP04

  • 8 February 2024
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I’ve just replaced bot the Hepa and Carbon filter. The screen on the machine is showing the Hepa as ok but the carbon filter is red. I’ve took them off and put them back on again but still get the same message.

I can’t see anything on the Dyson site.


Can anyone give me any ideas as to what I might have done wrong


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2 replies

@miker1865 Thanks for your post. Even after physically replacing the filters on your Dyson, you need to let the machine’s software know that you’ve done the replacement. You can do this with the app or the remote.


go on your local support site - enter the Dyson’s serial number and there should be a guide on resetting the filter.

UK support:

USA support:

Canada support:

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Hi @miker1865,

Further to the above, within the MyDyson™ app you can reset your filter life counter in the Your Machine’s Settings menu, by clicking the ‘Filter management’ option: 


Hope this helps!