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In-App Filter Purchase showing as Out Of Stock - Incorrect version shown (Solved)

  • 3 September 2023
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Hello community,

My first time posting here, so go easy on me :)

I have a Dyson Pure Hot + Cold (I think this is HP04) and live in London. Its filter is at the end of its life, so the app is encouraging me to buy a replacement. In the past this has not been a problem, and I have replaced the filter a few times over the past few years. 

However, Dyson’s site is showing theLe replacement filters as sold out, and there is no indication of when they will be back in stock. 

Two questions:

  1. Any idea when they may be back in stock?
  2. Any suggestions on other suppliers in the UK. Amazon has a lot of alternatives which are comparable with this machine, but I would rather stick with an official one. 

thanks in advance!


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7 replies

Hi @Nobunaga 

Thank you for raising this with us.

We were patiently waiting on our manufacturers to confirm when stock would become available.

You can follow the link to be directed to the Dyson UK website, where the filters are available.

If you require further assistance, please reply below.


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Ohh, have you visited their store on Oxford street? Dyson Demo, Oxford Street, London | Dyson. They had stock of filter when I visited last month. If not, they’ll place a store order for you 😁! Worth a try. 

Just visited the Dyson site, and they have stock. Order quick, before they go out of stock again.

Shows as unavailable for me right now! <20 mins after Spencer’s post?!

I have showing as available to purchase -

The link shows a different name from what you're seeing, use the link above and done go through the App. They replaced the once you’re seeing last year. It’s now a combined filter, instead of two.


Ah, thanks all!

It looks like the app should be updated to point to the new integrated design. 

I really appreciate the replies all!

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Hi everyone, 

Great news! 

Based on the feedback from this article, I approached the App team advising of the In-App error. They’ve just confirmed that the link has been fixed!

This is another perfect example of where our community is helping to make Dyson better! 

Thanks to everyone involved. 

Stuart 😃