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Cleaning the Cyclone head

  • 3 February 2024
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How can the cyclone head be cleaned? Or can it be cleaned? This part of the vacuum collects a lot of fine dust, as fine as talcum powder, and it isn’t removed by the normal emptying of the clear bin. Some can be removed by tapping on the cyclone head but even after doing that there is a lot of this dust inside the cyclone head. Or does it matter?


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4 replies

Detach the cyclone head from vacuum, and remove the loose debris by tapping it. Remove any blockage, like hair with tweezers. If there is dirt sticking to the cyclone head, clean it with a soft brush, could be an old toothbrush.

If the manual allows, use a damp cloth to wipe the head afterwards. Also clean the rubber seals with damp cloth. Make sure to air dry it for 24 hours to avoid mold growth.

Thank you. I already tried those solutions. Bakersfield, CA has dust so fine it is like talcum powder and that sticks all over inside the slots in the Cyclone head. Tapping helps, I guess I need a flexible brush that will go down into the slots and allow me to brush out the dust. The dust isn’t moist at all. It just cakes on the inside surfaces of the cyclone.

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Hi @Sing141,

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It’s normal for harmless static generated in use to cause fine dust particles to cling to parts of the clear bin and cyclone pack. As you’ve mentioned, firmly tapping the top of the cyclone pack each time you empty your machine should dislodge and remove much of this. Any traces of dust remaining shouldn’t create issues with performance, although you’re welcome to use a soft brush to further clean the cyclone pack if you want. 

Most important is ensuring your machine is free of blockages or tangled threads and hair, and the filters are washed regularly following the directions in the User guide. If you can let me know which model you own (or post of picture of it here if you’re not sure), I can find some further maintenance tips which might be useful!

Thanks everyone. At least I know more than I did.