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Fluffy Optic Issues and Availability

  • 15 March 2024
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Haven’t had my V12 Detect Slim for long but recently went to clean the Fluffy Optic head because hair was getting tangled around the wheels etc.  After removing the brush bar I found that there was hair caught around the locking cap so pulled it apart to clear it.  It became apparent that hair seemed to have melted/fused into something plastic around the axle.  I contacted Dyson and they viewed the issue through my phone and because they didn’t have a part available she suggested that I return the whole machine to them or take it to my local repairer.  Bit reluctant to return the whole thing when there is only one part required.  I checked with my local repairer and he said that if Dyson didn’t have the part then neither would he so it was pointless to take it to him.  I am just wondering if the brush bar for the LED Slim Fluffy is the same as the one in my Fluffy Optic?  Also wondering what they would do if I did send the whole thing back to them, how long would I be without a vacuum cleaner?  Strange thing is that the machine and head still seems to function fine without the bit of plastic, may be just some sort of spacer.

Anyone else having this issue?

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