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Dyson airwrap - Painting quality feedback

  • 9 February 2023
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Hi, I bought a Dyson airwrap  in south  Korea in April 22.

There is a problem with the Dyson airwrap paint peeling off. I wasn't rough with the stuff, but it's coming off. It is said to be normal in the Korean service center. I'm disappointed in the quality



1 reply

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Hi @Junga,

It is unfortunate this isn’t covered under the under the Dyson guarantee. 

The damage looks to be cosmetic and arguable will not hinder the operation or use. Whilst it isn’t entirely appealing, in my opinion this wouldn’t constitute a replacement. The damage is only located on the areas that I believe are high trafficked. If the damage/paint was peeling across the entire product, you could argue the paint quality is the cause, but in this situation it is simply wear and tear. 

I’ve included a link to their Terms and condition, which does state that this isn’t covered and any replacement of parts is done at the discretion of Dyson. Dyson guarantee: terms and conditions | Dyson