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Dyson 360 Eye - Mission impossible to find battery

Has any soul on this earth suceed with locating an geniun original Dyson 360 battery? I made the big mistake to send my beloved robot to repair at Dyson center in Germany and when they sent it back the battery was taken out. I have tried for since december (last 6 month) signing up for every replacement site on multiple Dyson website but the battery is never back in stock. I have checked multiple 3rd party website, ebay, amazon there is only chinese knock of. I was so desperate so i bought a chinese knock off and after only 1 use the machine is flashing red battery light.

It feels so sad that i have to through out the machine just because there is no possible way to buy a new battery. I’m doing this last effort and ask here, and from my research even the Dyson 360 Heurist battery should work, but even that is not possible to locate anywhere in the world.


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You’re best bet is to either sign up to their notification option or to give them a call. Sometimes their online stock and warehouse stock differs. At the very least, they might be able to give you information on when it will be available again.

I too have this problem. There are no batteries available for the 360 eye or the new Heurist.

I have one of each, and the 360 eye needs a new battery, and the Heurist has another 48 months warranty. How can there be no replacement batteries for a product that is still under warranty? It looks as though the batteries are the same for both.

I spoke to support today, and they confirmed that they have no batteries, and do not expect to get any. They gave me several companies which supply spare parts, but the only source I have found is Amazon or eBay. There are some available from China which have very poor reviews.

I will probably take my chance with Amazon.


The warranty is only 24-months. If they’re not able to replace it under warranty, then they should replace the whole unit. I had this for one of my Stick vacs in the past. The battery was out of stock for more than 30 days, they replace the unit with a new one. 

If you’re outside the warranty, you need to have a discussion with the local Dyson team. They’ll tend to tell you what they can offer. If they’re suggesting other retailers, then I’d go with the knowledge they don’t expect any. 

Thanks, that makes sense if they replace the whole item. By the way, I do have 48 months warranty left on my Heurist. I just checked MyDyson.