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How can I get Dyson Heurist 360 Tank track defect fixed?

  • 20 September 2023
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I received Heurist 360 as a wedding gift from my old good friend living in Spain.

But after trying out the robot for 1-2 times it started to move in circle in one place.

I searched google and found out that our robot has tank track defect.

One wheel goes well but the other side belt is not getting the power to move. 

I am currently living in Korea where Dyson robots are yet introduced so cannot the get appropriate service from Dyson service center…

Since Dyson products are not cheap products I don’t want to go to any private service centers.

I really want to get this fixed and use. Can anyone help me get this fixed?




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3 replies


You’ll be hard pressed to get this repaired in a market that doesn’t service the Robot. Unfortunate risk of taking their tech overseas. A local Non-Dyson centre might be the only option available to you.

The error might be fixed by update the software. My thought here is the power management and instructions sent to each wheel/chip. Any software bugs could be fixed by a reset.

Start with these. 



Good luck! 

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I completely agree @Spencer. Attempting an initial fix, than moving into repair. @Jane Kim you may find an answer to the problem here -

If that is a non-starter, you’d need to have it inspected. Dyson don’t offer an international warranty, and can only repair products they sell elsewhere in market (at cost). Have you spoken to Dyson Korea about next steps or their recommendations? 

Hey Jane,
I’m having the same problem with my device, it moves on a circle one tank track is defective.

My sister is living in UK, I wanted to find a spare part of these tank tracks but I couldn’t find any.
How can I get spare part of that.

Did you solve your issue ?