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Mapping issues on the 360 Vis Nav

  • 16 April 2024
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I’ve had a Roomba in the past and hated it, so I was excited to finally get a Dyson, having bought my first Dyson vacuum in 2006. I expected the mapping on the Dyson to be top notch. 

Last night, I mapped our home, and this morning I tried creating a map. Our home has angles, so not everything is on a 90-degree layout.  There is no way for me to put a separation at a 45-degree angle. Rotating the separation is only at 90-degree angles. With the Roomba, we could isolate our kitchen for a daily cleaning, but there is no way to do this without adding 45-degree separators. 

This also means that our cleaning routine over FIVE AND A HALF HOURS to clean the living room and kitchen together? 

Dyson, will you be adding the ability to create 45-degree angles in the software? If not, this vacuum is completely useless in our home. 

Here’s the Roomba map with angled zone dividers:


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1 reply

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@Jack, is there any way you could look into this issue?  I only have 30 days to return this, and I’m now down to ten days to get it back to Dyson.  I really need to know if they are working on updates to the app that will allow angled walls in the mapping and also in setting room dividers.  I also have messages into the Facebook folks, and I’ve tried calling Dyson several times.  Nobody seems to understand that this is an issue, so nobody can tell me if this will be a software update in the future.  Thank you.