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Security feature - 'Password' timeout

  • 25 August 2021
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To successful sign into an already created App account, you must enter:

  1. The ‘Password’ set at account creation;
  2. A ‘Two factor authorisation’ code - View our ‘Logging in - Two factor authentication’ article to read more about this.

As a security feature on account sign-in, where the password and/or code has been entered incorrectly, a timeout is auto enabled. This only occurs after 4 incorrect attempts. 

If this happens the an on-screen notification will appear, which reads:


Please Wait.

Log in attempts exceeded. Please allow 30 minutes before trying again.


Further failed log in attempts may result in this timer restarting.

A further on-screen notification may be seen when logging in and out of the application in quick succession. This reads:


Log in attempts exceeded. Please allow 60 seconds before trying again.


Wait the allocated 60 seconds before re attempting sign in will resolve this.


What happens if I am still unable to sign in? 

  • Press the ‘Didn’t receive a code?’ option in the app and confirm the email that the code is being sent through to. Press ‘Send a new code’. 
  • Reset your ‘Password’ using the in app ‘Forgotten your password?’ option and follow the on-screen instructions.

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