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V11 Absolute cyclone replacement cant be found

  • 18 April 2024
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Hi everyone. I have a Dyson V11 Absolute nickel/blue from 2021 and the cyclone/ handheld unit needs replacing. This is because the electrical connection into the wand is faulty and it no longer turns the brush heads. I’ve contacted Dyson and they sent a replacement which I had to pay for. The replacement doesnt fit my existing battery as it has a different underside to the handle. My model has no protruding elements but the replacement has two little protruding bits. See attached picture. 
Dyson seem unable to find a replacement cyclone in my style and don’t understand the problem despite me sending the photo. Can anyone help me on how I find a solution? Many thanks



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3 replies

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Hi @Stephen P,

No problem at all - I can only apologise that this hasn’t been as straightforward as we’d expect, and will make sure this is fed back to the appropriate teams for you.

I’ve just reached out to you directly - I’ll look forward to hearing back!

Amazing, thank you Jack and that’s exactly right. My battery just clicks in and out of the handheld unit and doesn’t need screws. I need a replacement unit like that. 

I’ve been onto Customer Services four times now, outlining this to them and including the picture. On each occasion, they confirm the only replacement on their system has screws. I’m not sure that’s actually the case and feel they aren’t understanding the difference between the two cyclone units. I logged a complaint on Monday as just need to talk to someone about this. Was promised a call back between 24-72 hours and that’s now passed, albeit I haven’t received a call. I subsequently made another complaint last night. 

is there someone that I can speak to who can help me, as I’ve tried four separate times with CS and am not making progress. 

many thanks 

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Hi @Stephen P,

Welcome to the Dyson Community!

During production, an update was made to the Dyson V11™ vacuum’s battery connection design - moving from a battery that was fixed in place by screws (SV14), to one which allows additional batteries to be unclipped and swapped out during use for extended cleans (SV15, SV17, SV28).

From your picture and details, it sounds like you’ve been sent a main body compatible with a screw-in battery - whereas what you need is the click-in battery variant.

The Dyson Customer Care team should be able to locate and order the correct replacement main body for your machine using the serial number or model number. I’d recommend continuing your conversation with the team so they can arrange to send you the right one. 

Please visit Dyson.com and click the round purple button to launch the Dyson Digital Assistant. Then click the agent icon in the bottom left corner of the chat window to start a conversation with our Customer Care team.

Hope this helps, but let us know if you need further support!