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Can I leave my Dyson Gen5detect vacuum connected to the charger between uses?

  • 3 March 2024
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We started using our new Gen 5 detect for the first time as part of our weekly cleaning session. We kept the vacuum on auto mode and noticed the battery had already drained significantly until we could no longer use it and needed another full charge. Since this is our First Dyson stick vacuum, is it advised to keep it plugged in for charging while not in use or sitting idle so we can benefit from the most battery power?

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5 replies

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Hi @cmcorriss,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and congratulations on your new Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum!

Dyson cordless vacuums are engineered for grab-and-go convenience. They include intelligent control software to ensure the battery cells only take in as much power as needed to fully recharge, and to keep themselves topped up. It’s fine to leave your machine connected to the charger cord between uses - so it’s always ready to go when you need it.

You can find some useful tips on how to look after your battery and get the most out of its lifespan here.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Jack!! You have been very helpful!



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Hi @cmcorriss,

No problem at all - you’re very welcome to come back to us here at the Dyson Community if you need further advice or support at any point!

@cmcorriss These days, new electronic devices have “optimized” charging capabilities. This means that after a certain level is reached, your vacuum won’t charge further, no matter if you’ve plugged in the charger. So, you’d be fine. 

Though, ensure that your vacuum cleaner isn’t charging at a place where the room temperature’s too low since cold temperatures cuz battery degradation. Hope this helps :) 

Thank you, Rehman! That is good to know! This is my first stick vacuum and I want to make sure that I am taking good care of my “Gen 5.” I also store it in my laundry/Furnace room which currently has a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. 21 degrees Celsius).