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Cordless Gen5 Detect - Wall dock/dok removal help

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There seems to be no way to remove this particular wall mount as once it is locked in position there is no way to remove it.

Please don't give me ludicrous  answers like chat did. The staff at Sydney did not have a clue about this. I have owned machines all the way since v6 and all wall mounts were movable the Gen 5 not unless there is a special tool to get behind and move the lugs as you try to lift it which I doubt. No this one has been designed without removal and repositioning in mind. 


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Received my Gen5detect Absolute a week ago. My vacuum came with the wall mounting plate already engaged with the Wall dock, making it impossible to mount to the wall. In reading other posts, this has occurred with other customers--over a time period of at least 8 months.  There is no way to knock the bottom of the wall dock with these two pieces engaged, as suggested in previous posts. There are plastic teeth midway up each side of the wall mount, preventing the wall dock from disengaging from the wall mounting plate. I have read in previous posts that this has been a known issue for at least 9 months-other people have received the same model with these two parts engaged. I spent 40 minutes on hold on the Dyson support line, and after making contact, was told repeatedly to look at the video that shows how to mount this on the wall--this video is not at all helpful for disengaging these parts. (I did try to use the online chat option while on hold for 40 minutes on the phone. There were no live agents available for the Chat option.) I asked  the phone representative to have a replacement wall mount and wall dock sent to me, since they were shipped to me as already engaged. He agreed to do this, but then advised me the parts were not available. He told me to call back in 2-3 weeks to see if it might be available at that time. I told him I did not want another 40 minute wait on the help line.  I asked him to preorder it for me, but he told me he was unable to do so. I have seen in previous posts that these parts have unavailable for at least 8 months. 

I tried the “two spoon” method as well as the “two bread knife” method that have been suggested by other community members. They did not work for me. 

In frustration, I took a flat head screw driver to the wall mount and Wall dock and pried the two pieces apart--with more force than I would have liked.  I worried about breaking these pieces. 

I had not read the previous tip about filing down the plastic teeth before mounting the unit to the wall, but at least now it is mounted. When it is time to replace this vacuum, I probably will need to use a hack saw to get it apart, especially if the “smart upward smack to the bottom of the bracket” referenced in previous posts does not work.  

We have owned several Dyson vacuums over the past 15 years. The Dyson support has been good in the past, but not now. Quality control also appears to be a thing of the past. Dyson has been aware of this problem with the wall mount and the wall dock for more than 8 months, and there still is no good solution--and they are still shipping units that have these two pieces already connected to each other. 

The problem here is that many people will have mounted the charger following the instructions prior to needing to disassemble it to remove it from the wall.

In that case, the spoon method or using screwdrivers won’t work once it’s already mounted.

Here is what I did:

I took a 6 inch 2x4 block and put that on the bottom of the charger and knocked upwards with a hammer. That way the wood takes the impact and not the charger.

Once I got it off, I filed down the tips until it would go in smoothly and come out with a little bit of applied pressure.

If it is already assembled,  and not on the wall and only have two hands, try this:

If using a screwdriver pry the side past the catch and put in something keep it a little wider. (I used one of those thick IKEA screws)

The pry the other side and with the screwdriver and with the free hand pull out the mount. 


It’s a poor design, but don’t get frustrated. It will come apart with some effort.



Very helpful. Unfortunately I didn’t file down the plastic tips before I mounted the wall plate, but now I have a plan for removing this from the wall when this model needs replacing. And your explanation about what to do if the wall mount and mounting plate are shipped already assembled is the best approach I’ve seen. Pretty much what I ended up doing. Thanks. Very helpful, and hopefully can help others avoid frustration.