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Cordless V10 - Alternative Long Life Battery. Any recommendations?

  • 20 March 2023
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I am wondering if anyone has found a manufacturer of a long life battery for a V10?
The 9 minutes on Max is very frustrating.


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6 replies

Not that I’ve heard. Amazon sell converters/adapters for the previous series. These allow for 18v batteries to be installed. Maybe there’s one for the V10. 

A slight word of warning. Using these will void the warranty and the motor might burn out quicker! 


Hi @Reynaldo,

We don’t suggest the use of an adaptor or converter on your machine to extend the battery life, as that can cause damage to the machine, including permanent damage to the motor. 

Refer to the compliance manual below. 


Please advise if there are any plans for Long life batteries.

9 Minutes on high power is a problem for me and I expect many others.


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Hello @Reynaldo 

We can’t discuss any projects our engineers may be working on before we’re ready to launch. We’re busy working on a pipeline of new technology stretching 25 years into the future. Keep an eye on and our social media accounts to be among the first to find out when we have news to share.

You can find some useful tips on getting the best out of your battery here:

We also do suggest to not rely on the higher suction power on your cord-free machine for everyday cleaning. This can lead to your battery life degrading at a much faster rate. Most owners will find that the lower suction modes do provide enough suction power for most household cleaning.

This vacuum has been a huge disappointment. I have had a Dyson 6, two 7’s an 8 and now the 10.  The battery life has become pitiful.  Today when I plugged it in it won’t even charge.  I have not used it all that much since I bought it and am surprised that it doesn’t work now.  I was thinking of buying an 11, but I will need to research this.  Folks on our Nextdoor neighbor website are swearing the Shark cordless is better.   I also hate the way the bin has to be detached to be emptied.  It is hard for me to get it off easily.  Just a very frustrating machine!  As I see you have discontinued it, I’m thinking Dyson may be aware of these issues.  I might get a new battery for my old 8 that I hung onto as it was a much better machine!