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Dyson Gen5 to pick drill dust - Durability

  • 22 April 2024
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Initial Impressions:
After purchasing the Gen5 Detect, which is my first Dyson by the way, I was very pleased with how well it works from my initial tests. But, it gives me a sense that it's fragile, especially after a family relative told me that it can easily break with very fine particles. One example they gave was drill dust.

Usage Context:

I need to drill holes in walls 1-3 times a year, not for a full renovation, but for tasks like mounting the Dyson dock or hanging a couple of pictures or shelves. Additionally, I plan to use it occasionally for cleaning the interior of my car.

Concerns and Questions:

Is it okay to vacuum up the dust while drilling? Are there specific things that this vacuum can't handle? I don’t expect it to manage large chunks of rocks, glass, or liquids, but I would like it to perform similarly to the cheap corded vacuum I had before.


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Hi @Glu,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and congratulations on your new Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum! 

Our vacuums have been carefully optimised to effectively pick up ordinary household dust, debris, pet hair, and allergens - and to keep these trapped within the machine. Very fine powders should only be picked up in very small quantities. The sort of thing to avoid would be large amounts of plaster dust during home renovation, or large quantities of spilt flour in the kitchen etc.

The use case you’ve outlined doesn’t sound like it should create too much of an issue as long as the quantities you’re picking up are small. And there’s no problem at all with using your vacuum for cleaning inside your car!

Hope this helps!

Hey @Jack ,

Thanks for answering! That being said, I can use it for wall mounting tasks from time to time. The quantity shouldn't be much—maybe just a teaspoon of dust and debris, which will be picked up slowly as the drilling process goes on (10-15 seconds per hole).

I was even thinking that after such tasks, I can deep clean it like washing the filters and use compressed air to remove any visible dust sitting inside, but let me know your opinion about this too.

Hey @Jack ,
Still wondering what you think about my last message with the deep cleaning stuff.


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Hi @Glu,

We recommend washing your Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum’s filter unit at least once a month, using cold water without detergent. Then allowing it to air dry completely for at least 24-48 hours before refitting it. You could do this more often if you wanted to, including after a cleaning task like you’ve mentioned. Our video guide shows you how:


It’s normal for static charge generated in use to cause fine dust particles to cling to the inside of the clear bin and cyclone pack. You can wipe these parts with a soft cloth when needed. Additionally, as you empty your machine, you can tap firmly on the cyclone pack to dislodge clinging particles inside, and help prevent this from accumulating. It shouldn’t normally be necessary to use compressed air on your machine, as long as normal maintenance steps are followed.

Hope this helps!

Hey @Jack ,

Thanks for the detailed instructions! I'm likely going to buy an additional filter to switch between so it has plenty of time to dry while still having a functional vacuum.

Hope you're having a great day!